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About me

This website might as well have been called "Sweet Spot", since I believe that I am certainly in the sweet spot that God has for me. I believe that God gives each of us talents that bring us great joy when we use them, and i enjoy each day when I can wake up and create my products for you.

Twenty years ago, while in Germany, I discovered the beautiful European feather hat pins and fell in love. After securing a vendor for the lovely little silver cone pins, I began creating unique feather pins, and selling them at my husband's gun shows (under the fancy white tents!) They were received with enthusiasm so Feathers Fly was born. 

When I retired from UAB, I started my dye sublimation business, printing images on pillows, table linens, lampshades, tablet and phone cases, and many other products. Dye sublimation is not at all like screen printing which paints on top of fabric giving it a stiff feel that cracks and peels. With sublimation the dye is absorbed into the fabric, giving it a soft feel that will never fade or crack.

So combining the two creative outlets, I have found my "sweet spot". Thank you for visiting Feathers Fly. I hope you will enjoy looking, and maybe find a little something that you can't live without. 

Hope you find your "sweet spot", too.